Blumenauer Calls for Speedy Adoption of the Shays-Meehan Reform Bill

February 13, 2002
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC-Today, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) calls on the House to adopt the Shays-Meehan Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act. The House will begin debate tonight on the bill and will continue the debate tomorrow with multiple amendments and a final vote expected on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

The Shays-Meehan bill comes to the House floor after supporters of the measure obtained 218 signatures on a petition, forcing it to come for a vote over the objections of the Republican leadership. The Shays-Meehan legislation is similar to the McCain-Feingold bill passed by the Senate last April and to bills passed by the House in the past two Congresses. The bill bans soft money for national parties, reins in campaign advertisements masquerading as issue advocacy, enhances disclosure of political expenditures and provides the Federal Election Commission with the teeth to enforce the law. President Bush has indicated he would not veto the bill if passed by Congress.

Blumenauer released the following statement on the upcoming debate:

"We have a responsibility to strengthen our democracy by eliminating the influence of soft money. Large soft-money donations and anonymous political attack ads have a corrosive influence on the political process and they drown out meaningful political dialogue. Soft-money is bad for the people who give it, bad for the people who receive it and bad for the American people. While this may still be a debatable subject in Washington, DC, the overwhelming majority of Oregonians support this simple common-sense reform that we have already passed twice since I've been in Congress. This week, we should pass campaign finance reform once and for all, and deliver it to the President's desk for his signature."

**Note to Radio Announcers: Congressman Blumenauer has recorded a brief radio actuality on campaign finance reform. It is currently available by calling 1-800-320-6091 and entering the following PIN number: 1527 **

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