Blumenauer Helps Secure Funding for 3 Portland Projects

November 8, 2001
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC --- Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the final version of the VA-HUD Appropriations bill, which included funding for three important Portland initiatives.

Congressman Blumenauer (D-OR) helped secure funding for the projects, which include $50,000 for the City of Portland North Macadam Greenway Initiative, $1.25 million for the City of Portland Wet Weather Watershed pilot program and $200,000 for the Irvington Covenant Community Development Corporation.

"This seed money is for a suite of programs that exemplify Portland's approach to building a livable community by combining environmental protection, affordable housing and economic development," said Blumenauer, "I am pleased that Congress has taken this first step by providing support for these community plans."

The $50,000 for the North Macadam Greenway Initiative will jump-start the development of the last significant redevelopment area in the central city. Currently a Brownfield, the plan for this area calls for it to become an exemplary mixed-use neighborhood that will provide 10,000 jobs and housing for 3,000 residents.

The $1.25 million for the City of Portland Wet Weather Watershed Project will help the City respond to multiple regulatory and environmental challenges, including cleaning up the Willamette River, improving watersheds, and creating a healthier wildlife habitat.

The $200,000 for the Irvington Covenant Community Development Corporation will help develop affordable housing, a cornerstone of a livable community.

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