Blumenauer Opposes HR 861 & All Attempts by Republicans to Undercut EPA

February 7, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) released the following statement in opposition to HR 861, a reckless Republican proposal to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
“Since its foundation in 1970, the EPA has been a stalwart protector of the environment, cracking down on polluters who would rather make taxpayers pay for the consequences of their pollution rather than cleaning up their act. 
“The agency has saved countless lives, protected public health, and reduced pollution in almost every sector of our economy. H.R. 861 would take us back to the days when rivers were literally burning from pollution and industries built communities on top of toxic waste dumps. I bet Richard Nixon is spinning in his grave.
“With the fate of the planet under threat from climate change, an ever-increasing encroachment on the wonders of nature, and the public rightly questioning its drinking water and air quality, we should be working to strengthen the EPA, not undermine it. 
“I strongly oppose H.R. 861 and will do everything I can to defend the EPA from this and every assault.”