Blumenauer Reacts to President Bush's "Red, White & Broke" Budget

February 3, 2003
Press Release
Washington, DC - Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) responded to President Bush's budget request to Congress today, with the following statement:

"The President followed up on his State of the Union address by delivering to Congress a disappointing and totally unrealistic budget that borders on the irresponsible. Talk alone does not pay the bills for homeland security, the struggle against terrorism, education, healthcare, transportation projects and environmental protection. Giving more tax breaks for those who need help the least does not help reduce Oregon's unemployment or get the economy moving. Massive deficits and spending every dime of the Social Security surplus to fund dividend tax benefits for those who need help the least puts us at risk of being Red, White and Broke.

"No matter what the President and his apologists would like you to believe, deficits do matter. At a time when we are risking the lives of Americans in actual and brewing conflicts in various regions around the world, the President would have us mortgage the financial future of these same Americans, their children and grandchildren. And, in return, the budget offers inadequate assistance for our state and local governments that are on the front lines of the war on terrorism. Homeland security is really "hometown security." Our cities and counties are spending two-thirds of the total cost of ensuring the safety of our citizens, communities and infrastructure today. They need federal help - not tax cuts on dividends.

"I will fight against this budget. I will fight for fiscal responsibility, assistance for the unemployed, investments to create jobs and I will fight for a budget that meets our commitments to "hometown security," seniors, children, and our most vulnerable citizens. We can get the economy moving while meeting our basic commitments. This budget does neither."