Blumenauer Secures Funding for Important Oregon Projects

November 13, 2001
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC --- Today, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the final version of the Commerce-Justice-State-Judiciary Appropriations bill. This funding measure appropriates a total of $41.6 billion and includes funding that Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) requested for numerous Oregon projects.

"I am incredibly pleased that Congress has included these important priorities for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest region in the FY2002 Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary Appropriation bill. From protecting Salmon to providing funding for important technology initiatives, all of these programs are critical to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest," said Blumenauer.

Congressman Blumenauer helped secure federal funding for the following programs:

· Pacific Coastal Salmon Restoration Fund: The bill earmarks $17 million for the State of Oregon for the Pacific Salmon Recovery Fund, which will be used by the State's legislatively- created Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to meet salmon and watershed restoration needs through Oregon's many local watershed councils.

· Science for At Risk Youth: The bill earmarks $300,000 for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry's (OMSI) Science for At-Risk Youth program. The requested funds will be used by OMSI to help address the achievement gap in Portland through science clubs and camps that serve the needs of at-risk youth.

· Public Telecommunications Facilities Program: In his role as co-chair of the Congressional Public Broadcasting Caucus, Congressman Blumenauer helped secure $43,466,000 for the national Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP). This program helps public radio and television stations in Oregon and throughout the country maintain and expand existing service, as well as assist with the conversion to digital broadcasting.

· Food Innovation Center: Yesterday, Congress passed the Agriculture Appropriations bill, which included funding that Blumenauer requested for Oregon State University's Portland Food Innovation Center. Blumenauer helped secure $356,000 that will be used by the Center to assess and recommend potential strategies for enhancing competitiveness and expanding economic development opportunities for Oregon agricultural products through improved production, processing, and trade techniques.