Blumenauer Speaks Out Against Draft

October 6, 2004
Press Release
Washington, DC - Congressman Earl Blumenauer released the following statement expressing his opposition to legislation authorizing reinstatement of the military draft considered yesterday on the House floor. The legislation was considered under limited debate with no chance of being approved or amended. Blumenauer and others argued that the House leadership brought up the legislation as a political stunt.

“The draft will never be reinstated unless there is a national emergency. Instead of dealing with constructive ways to provide support for our men and women serving overseas, the Republican leadership in Congress is dealing in stunts and rhetoric. Our troops deserve better; they deserve our support.

“The administration’s reckless rush to war in Iraq, without being prepared to win the peace, has put our troops seriously at risk. Rather than acknowledge the problems and deal with responsible proposals that have been offered by a number of my colleagues, the Republican leadership has instead advanced to the floor legislation to reinstate the draft which they do not even support and which has no chance of passing.

“It is time to stop playing games with the welfare of the young men and women who are serving us in Iraq and around the globe. They deserve better. They deserve proper equipment and an increase in our overall troop level. They need leadership in the White House and in Congress to help stabilize and reverse the perilous situation into which they have been thrust.”