Blumenauer Statement on HR 3

May 3, 2011
Press Release

Congressman Blumenauer spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives in opposition to H.R. 3:

My friend from Michigan said it right. There are no Federal funds for abortion under the terms of the Hyde amendment, except in the case of rape and incest.

What this is about is how families spend their money and small business deals with insurance. It's part of a continuing Republican assault against people with whom they disagree. It continues the sad spectacle of using the Internal Revenue Service--I would say not just the use but the abuse of the IRS--to attack people with whom they disagree.

Remember the spectacle of the Ways and Means hearing where they drug AARP before them and tried to have an investigation because they disagreed with them on health insurance?

Yes, this would put government between doctors and American families. But it's not just about abortion under the Hyde amendment.

Remember, there are some people who are against the rape and incest exemption. There are some people who had a shocking proposal to radically change the very definition of rape.

There is a continuing effort to erode basic fundamental reproductive freedom, and this shows a tactic of using the IRS that I think is very dangerous. It does, in fact, increase the complexity and raises taxes on individuals who may, in fact, need these procedures that may, in fact, be lifesaving. The proponents may not agree with what a woman and her doctor decide but that should be their decision.

This raises the specter of using the Tax Code and the Congressional investigating power in ways that no one should support.