Blumenauer Statement on Senate Farm Bill Passage

June 28, 2018
Press Release
Washington, DC – Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), a leading voice in Congress for reforming our nation’s agriculture policy, released the following statement:
“The Senate bill may not be as egregious as the House GOP’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s more of the same—policymaking at the behest of large agribusinesses and their lobbyists. It’s upsetting that Congress doesn’t have the courage to enact reforms so desperately needed.”
In November, Blumenauer introduced a comprehensive alternative Farm Bill. H.R. 4425, the Food and Farm Act, that advances Farm Bill reforms based on four principles: (1) focusing resources on those who need it most; (2) fostering innovation; (3) encouraging investments in people and the planet; and (4) ensuring access to healthy foods.
Blumenauer’s legislation is the result of his “Sing Your Own Farm Bill” project, a multi-year effort to engage a wide variety of stakeholders in creating a more visionary, equitable, and cost-effective Farm Bill. As part of this project, Blumenauer has met with agricultural researchers, farmworkers, nutrition advocates, conservation interests, winemakers, nurseries, wheat growers, small and mid-sized farmers and ranchers, processors, agricultural policy advocates, and more. Together, they have brainstormed how federal agricultural policies could be shaped to better meet everyone’s needs—not just a select few. The Food and Farm Act includes the policy priorities that have grown out of this feedback.