Blumenauer Statement on Trump’s Attempt to Reinstate Muslim Ban

March 6, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Earl Blumenuaer (OR-03) released the following statement on the executive order Donald Trump signed today to reinstate his travel ban targeting refugees and Muslims. The executive order bans individuals from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States and suspends all refugee admissions to the United States for 120 days. The executive order also lowers the cap on U.S. refugee admissions from 110,000 to 50,000 for this year. 

“Donald Trump and his team have made a mockery of the process of governing. He’s turning away an entire population due to broad-brush mischaracterizations of those who practice Islam. Terrorism is not confined to a specific group or religion. The ban is discriminatory, has the same intentions as his first executive order and will have the same harmful effects on American security. 

“The low cap on the number of refugees the United States is allowed to accept this year is devastating. There is no more fertile ground for instilling extremist ideas than refugee camps devoid of basic services and educational and economic opportunities. 

“The administration is still failing to explain to the American people how preventing these individuals from coming to our country will boost national security. We already have a rigorous vetting process in place that often takes years. Plus, an internal memo from his own Department of Homeland Security says there is no proof to show that this executive action will make us safer!

“This new, revamped order is un-American and is an assault on the world’s most vulnerable.