A calling to education

May 9, 2011
Press Release

Last Friday Congressman Blumenauer visited Roosevelt High School, which received $7.7 million in Department of Education school improvement funds last year. One year into this 3-year project, Roosevelt has already upgraded obsolete computers, improved teacher and counselor training, hired a specialist to strengthen essential ties to the community, and developed an innovative partnership with Portland State University for college-bound seniors.

Principal Charlene Williams described how Roosevelt’s support of teachers who demonstrate a special “calling to education” has already improved the school’s attendance and academic performance, bolstered by experimental teaching programs made possible by the federal grant. Blumenauer also took questions from a college level Inquiry Class and toured the campus with two of Roosevelt’s scholarship recipients: Taylor Lane, who will be attending Willamette University next year, and Angel Guiterrez, who will attend Brown University.  They are not Roosevelt’s only high achievers; this year’s Senior Class has racked up an impressive total of almost $3 million in scholarship funds.

Blumenauer with Roosevelt students Taylor Lane and Angel Guiterrez

Monday, Blumenauer visited the 7th and 8th graders in the Project Citizen Class at Laurelhurst School; students there have been working on a proposal to increase bicycle safety by marking the city’s most dangerous intersections with green bike lanes.  Impressed by the students’ extensive research and survey work, the Congressman applauded their thorough and thoughtful approach and gave them a few tips for their upcoming testimony to the City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee.

_DSC05175Blumenauer speaks with Laurelhurst students