House Passes Defense Appropriations Act

December 16, 2009
Press Release

“Unemployment is still high, and while the economy recovers, this bill provides continued unemployment benefits for those who need it as well as access to healthcare.

“It also includes a number of important provisions that will make a difference for local universities, like Portland State, Oregon, and Oregon State. Money will be directed to local companies – helping to create good-wage jobs – while also making needed investments in programs to treat Traumatic Brain Injury, the signature injury of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While I am dedicated to ending the wars in Iraq in Afghanistan, I am also dedicated to making sure our troops and their families are as safe and secure as possible.”

Below are Oregon projects requested by Congressman Blumenauer that will be funded through the “Defense Appropriations Act”:



Project Name


Amount Requested

Final Amount

Manufacturing 21 Coalition

Northwest Manufacturing Initiative

The Initiative is a unique regional response to the national shortage of skilled manufacturing workers.  Funding will be used to support the Northwest’s manufacturing economy, including workforce training, sustainable manufacturing techniques, and sustainable manufacturing materials.



Oregon Biomedical Engineering Institute

Treatment of Battlefield Spine and Burn Injuries

Funding for the development of effective and innovative treatments for spinal cord injuries and severe burns, particularly prevalent in modern conflicts and with larger, public health applications at home.



Oregon State University

ONAMI Miniature Tactical Energy Systems Development

This project will support the development of miniaturized tactical energy systems, including power and cooling, for a wide range of military and subsequent commercial applications.  These involve nanomaterial production, and two types of biodiesel production which are important energy topics for the nation as well as the military.



Portland State University

ONAMI Nanoelectronics and Nanometrology Initiative

This program would address future needs in information processing and biosensing which are needed to fabricate nanodevices, biosensors, and circuits at the terascale densities.  The applied research will lead to new applications in computing, information processing, and other electronic applications.



Precision Castparts Corporation

Next Generation Casting Supplier Base Initiative

Requested funds would help meet the increasing demands of the Department of Defense for complex cast components used in advanced engines and airframes.



University of Oregon

ONAMI Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

This project would develop nano-materials and nano-manufacturing methods that meet the military’s need for high performance materials while protecting human health and minimizing harm to the environment.



University of Oregon

Brain Safety Net

This project seeks to develop and optimize evidence-based treatments of soldiers and civilians suffering from amputations, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and neurological disorders such as epilepsy.