Information on New Veterans' PTSD Claims Process

July 19, 2010
Press Release

Dear Veteran,

I want to make sure you were aware that the VA has just made a significant change to its rules on the proof required for PTSD claims that will benefit thousands of veterans.

As you know, many combat veterans from all wars have sought and failed to get the veterans benefits to receive treatment for their PTSD.  First the existence of PTSD was denied, then strict requirements for proof kept many veterans from receiving the benefits and care they needed and deserved.

The Obama Administration has changed this process.  As of July 12, 2010, it will be simpler to prove a PTSD claim.  There is still a process in place to prove that a veteran has combat-related PTSD, but he or she will no longer have to provide proof of a specific stressor.  According to the VA’s fact sheet:

Under the new rule, VA will not require corroboration of a PTSD stressor related to fear of hostile military or terrorist activity if a VA psychiatrist or psychologist confirms that the stressful experience recalled by a Veteran adequately supports a diagnosis of PTSD and the Veteran's symptoms are related to the claimed stressor.

There is much more information available about this change, download a copy of the Fact Sheet or contact my office at 503-231-2300 for a copy.

The rule change applies to all claims begun on or after July 12, 2010, as well claims that have yet to be decided by the VA Regional Office or the Board of Veteran’s Appeals.  Contact a veterans service organization representative for more information and assistance if you are interested in filing a claim for PTSD or reapplying under this new rule.



Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress