Protecting the Guard

March 11, 2011
Press Release

Last week, Congressman Blumenauer met with Brigadier General Mike Caldwell of the Oregon National Guard (ONG) to discuss how proposed 2011 budget cuts will impact Oregonian troops and how we can better help our men and women in uniform when they return home.  Among programs to be eliminated under the proposed budget is the ONG Reintegration Team assigned with helping returning veterans transition to civilian life with their families and find employment. The Oregon Partnership Suicide Hotline and programs to prevent veteran homelessness are also zeroed out in the proposed budget.

Blumenauer also recently visited with the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Oregon (EANGOR). Under current law, National Guard members are not recognized as veterans in the same way other returning service members are. Congressman Blumenauer is working with the group to allow National Guard members who have served alongside other service men and women are treated equitably under the law.