Purple Heart, Bronze Star for Korean War Service

April 25, 2003
Press Release
Portland, Ore — Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) held a medal award ceremony in his congressional office today, presenting a Purple Heart medal and Bronze Star medal to Korean War Veteran Lester R. Potter of Eagle Creek, Ore. Mr. Potter, age 72, earned the Purple Heart for a combat injury and the Bronze Star for leading squadron patrols.

“I’m pleased and proud to help recognize the sacrifices that Mr. Potter made for our nation,” Blumenauer said. “At last he will have the medals he earned so long ago.”

Mr. Potter’s daughter Leslie Batchelor, contacted Blumenauer’s office last month seeking assistance in obtaining the medals which her father had earned but never received. He never received the actual medals recognizing his achievement because of a last minute transfer to a different post. Potter had tried to obtain the medals for many years without success. Mr. Potter was recently diagnosed with cancer and Batchelor asked for Blumenauer’s help in expediting Potter’s request.

In addition to the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, Potter will receive a Korean Service Medal for serving in the Korean War and a Japanese Occupation Award for being part of the Japanese Occupation. Potter was a Staff Sergeant in the Army’s 25th Infantry Division (27th Regiment) during the Korean War from December 1947 to December 1951.

Potter has six surviving siblings, all living in Clackamas County, and four children, three sons in addition to his daughter, Leslie Batchelor. A large group of family members, including several of Potter’s grandchildren, attended the ceremony.