Right in our backyards

March 30, 2011
Press Release

One of the most challenging issues for the Department of Defense is the legacy of waste that litters communities across the United State.  As a result of military training, more than 3,500 sites cover over ten million acres with live bombs, leftover shells, and leaking chemicals.  Current cleanup efforts are underfunded, time-consuming, and scheduled for completion over five decades from today. 

This week, Congressman Blumenauer met with members of the National Association of Ordnance & Explosive Waste Contractors (NAOC), a non-profit association that represents people who work in the field of ordnance, explosive waste and unexploded ordnance (UXO) cleanup and remediation.  This talented group of individuals and companies are extremely important to the safety of Americans and for the clean up of local communities. 

The continued deterioration of these sites – many located right in our backyards – only increases the ultimate cost of remediation, harms human health and the environment, and prevents redevelopment of the land.  As Chair of the UXO Caucus, Blumenauer has worked hard to focus attention on this problem and continues to push for adequate resources to speed cleanup to keep local communities safe.