Statement Regarding Secretary of Commerce Evans' Visit to Portland

April 28, 2003
Press Release
"Secretary Evan’s visit to Portland today to promote the irresponsible Bush tax cut shows just how out of touch the Administration is with Oregonians.

"A tax cut of this size will do little to create jobs and nothing to help with our most pressing local concerns including education, healthcare, and maintaining basic social services.

"Earlier this month in Washington, DC I had the privilege of meeting with a large group of Oregon's business leaders -- the largest contingent ever to come to Capitol Hill. Not only was the Bush tax cut not on their carefully crafted agenda, but everything that was on their agenda would be harder to do, if not impossible, if the Bush tax plan is enacted.

"The Bush plan will also irresponsibly pile up debt. It will add $2.7 trillion to the national debt, making an already struggling economy even worse and putting further strains on budgets for years to come.

"Since President Bush took office, we have lost 44,000 jobs in Oregon alone and more than 2.6 million private sector jobs nationwide. These job losses emphasize the need for the economic growth package unveiled by my Democratic colleagues.

"Our plan will create jobs faster and will be more cost-effective than the President’s plan. In fact, our plan will create 1 million jobs this year alone by investing in our communities and in infrastructure projects that will improve our economy and quality of life."