US House Approves Transportation Funding Bill

November 29, 2001
Press Release
Washington, D.C. --- Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the final version of the FY02 Transportation Appropriations bill. The overall bill includes a total of $59.6 billion and includes $6.7 billion for mass transit, $521 million for Amtrak and $13.3 billion for the Federal Aviation Administration programs.

While the bill funds numerous Oregon projects, it includes less money for Portland's Interstate MAX light rail project than the Oregon delegation had originally requested. Specifically, the delegation requested $70 million and the conference report only includes $64 million.

"I was disappointed not to see the full $70 million authorized by both the House and Senate, but the $64 million provided in this bill is certainly enough to keep the project on schedule. Further, as the 4th largest grant for a transit project in the entire country, it represents Congress' continued strong confidence in the region's transit system," said Blumenauer.

The bill includes funding for the following projects:

· The Interstate MAX Light Rail Extension: $64 million. This project is in its second year of construction. These funds will be used for continued construction of the project and will help keep the project on schedule and on budget.

· Milwaukie Transit Center: $200,000. This funding will be used by Tri-Met to complete the Milwaukie Transit Center. $3,750,000 was also secured for the construction of the Clackamas Town Center Transit Center.

· Oregon Department of Transportation's I-5 Corridor Projects: $6 million. This funding will be used for right of way acquisition and construction of the North and South Medford Interchange projects.

· Portland Metropolitan Regional Jobs Access Program: $1.8 million. This grant will help Tri-Met provide funding for transportation services for low-income individuals to access jobs and job related activities.