Ways & Means Democrats to Chairman Brady: Maintain Strong Committee Leadership on Infrastructure

March 7, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC – Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) today led House Ways & Means Democrats in sending a letter to Chairman Kevin Brady, urging him to ensure that the Committee will assert its jurisdiction as Congress considers the Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal and to allow for a full and open debate of any legislation.

The lawmakers wrote:

“Historically, the Ways and Means Committee has played a critical role in enacting legislation impacting our nation’s infrastructure. However, it has been nearly three years since our Committee held a hearing on these matters as they relate to infrastructure, and last year, major legislation regarding overhauling our country’s aviation system bypassed its referral to Ways and Means. We urge you to not let that happen again as Congress considers the Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal.”

In their letter, the lawmakers pressed Chairman Brady to commit to a series of hearings and a full legislative markup of any infrastructure proposals before the Congress.

The full text of the letter can be found here.