If you have questions or concerns regarding a specific issue or problem that you are having, please contact the Congressman’s Portland office at 503 231 2300 or use the contact form on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Congressman help me with questions about how to start and manage a small business, including how to get small business loans or register your business?

Yes. The Congressman has a designated staff person who works on business issues and can help point you in the right direction.


Can the Congressman help my business with training and technical assistance needs?

Yes. Similar to the question above, the Congressman’s designated staff can point you in the right direction.


I feel that my business qualifies as a disadvantaged, minority or women owned business. Can your office assist me in becoming qualified?

The state and federal governments have programs to help your business succeed. The Congressman’s staff can help you navigate these programs.


I want my business to expand into the international trade market. Can the Congressman assist me?

There are state and federal programs for export assistance. The Congressman’s staff can help you locate these programs.


Can the Congressman help me obtain new business and contracts?

The Congressman cannot directly show favoritism of one business over another and cannot financially benefit from assisting a business. If you have a specific question related to this please contact the Congressman’s office.


My business is hoping to obtain a government contract. Can the Congressman help me?

While the Congressman cannot show favoritism or offer specific product endorsements to an agency, his designated business staff person can help you navigate the federal agency landscape to find the correct agency staff.


Business Resources

For more information about federal business programs:

Small Business Administration

Economic Development Administration

Department of Commerce


If you are looking for state-based business resources:

Oregon Small Business Development Centers

Oregon Business Development Department (called Business Oregon)


If you are interested in business resources for minorities, women, and disadvantaged/emerging businesses:

Oregon Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business (OMWESB)

Minority Business Development Agency


If you are looking for local city or county business resources:

Portland Economic Development Strategy

Portland Development Commission

Gresham Redevelopment Commission

Clackamas County Economic Development Commission