Seniors, Social Security, and People with Disabilities

If you have questions or concerns regarding a specific issue or problem that you are having, please contact the Congressman’s Portland office at 503 231 2300 or use the contact form on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

I was awarded a favorable decision by an Administrative Law Judge but have not received any benefits. Can the Congressman’s Office help me?

Yes. Occasionally, for one reason or another, benefits are delayed in getting to our constituents. Congressman Blumenauer's office can call and check on the status of your claim, and give you an estimated time frame for when you can expect benefits to arrive. In certain cases, where the need warrants the action, the office can ask that the Social Security Administration (SSA) expedite the claim. An example of such need would be if a beneficiary were to receive a foreclosure notice on his or her home, an eviction notice from a rental property, or the beneficiary does not have long to live.


I have been charged with an overpayment. What are my options?

Overpayments can occur for a variety of reasons. The first option is to appeal the decision that an overpayment has been made. You may appeal the overpayment if you feel that the Social Security Administration has made an error. You have a right to continued benefits while your appeal is in review. Second, if the SSA has not made an error, and you were indeed overpaid you may apply for a hardship waiver. A hardship waiver is awarded if the beneficiary is without fault in the overpayment and meets income requirements that prove it would be a hardship to repay the debt. Third, if it is determined that the overpayment is legitimate and there is no hardship, a payment plan can be set up to repay the debt in a manner that is agreeable to both parties.


My disability claim is taking too long to process, can the Congressman expedite it?

No. It is not possible for a Member of Congress to expedite a Social Security disability claim. However, we can monitor your claim and make certain that it is handled properly and within a reasonable period of time relative to other cases in the same office.



If you have questions or concerns about Social Security:

Social Security Administration


If you have questions about health insurance, how to apply, and if you qualify:


Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program

Oregon Health Plan

Oregon Medical Insurance Pool

Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance Program (SHIBA)


If you are seeking information about services in our district for seniors or people with a disability:

Multnomah County Aging, Disability and Veterans Services Division

Clackamas County Social Services


If you are seeking information about senior centers in our district:

Senior Centers of Multnomah County

Senior Centers of Clackamas County


If you are looking for information related to disability:

National Council on Disability

Oregon Commission for the Blind

Office of Disability Employment Policy

Oregon Disability Benefits

Seniors and People with Disabilities (OR DHS)


If you are looking for information related to seniors:

Administration on Aging


Long Term Care/ Ombudsman

Senior Community Service Employment Program

Seniors and People with Disabilities (OR DHS)

Recovery Centers for Seniors